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Welded Wire

Suitable for every architectural style, yet simple in design to blend in with the environment. Strong, durable and beautifully designed for all residential, commercial and industrial projects.


A wonderful option for large plots of land and a popular choice by our large acreage customers. This category includs barbed, woven wire and rail type fence.

Custom Projects

A category involving special containment or barrier needs in the form of dog kennels, trash enclosures, obtrusive site screening or other special project needs that call for the use of fence-related materials.

Chain Link

The least expensive of today’s fence solutions and an excellent choice where security and containment is of primary concern. Today’s choice allows for privacy with the addition of colored slats and colored wire material for a softer appearance.


Suitable when privacy or semi-privacy is needed. It is also useful as a sound or environment buffer or when the situation calls for a more natural look and appeal.


Long-lasting, low-maintenance and rugged material that will withstand the harshest of weather. No splinters or nails and you won’t find any screws to come loose because there aren’t any in its construction.